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Geo-Survey Services

Geo-Survey Services:

We capture this through survey capability from land, water, and air with Accuracy. With our Geo-surveys expert land survey teams and state-of-the-art remote sensing equipment (mounted on our aircrafts, UAVs, and boats), the Geo-Survey team provides this critical layer of data for our marine and terrestrial solutions. The team also delivers surveying services directly to the local, state, and governments, and private sector organization involved in engineering, construction, forestry, mining and minerals.

Concord Surveying Works draws on its multi-disciplinary skill set to integrate the cadastral surveys, land information services, and data management services to deliver parcel mapping solutions for both private sector and government.

Geodetic surveying:

Concord Surveying Works has an highly expertise and dedicated survey professional can undertake the necessary work to design, observe, and establish geodetic systems and infrastructure needed to form the basis of land development and management. This includes pre-analysis and design, triangulation, installation of survey monuments, and set up of GPS based control stations. Concord Surveying Works is has digital surveying instruments and technologies which full fill the needs. Our mapping & data processing team use software's like CAD, GIS, and the other latest software tools in the processing and analysis of field data.

Topographic Survey:

Concord Survey Works know the importance of planning, design and construction of civil structures. We provide quality engineering services with technical understanding and risk. We are equipped with latest digital surveying instrument and technologies, our mapping & data processing team use software's like CAD, GIS, and the other latest software tools in the processing and analysis of field data.

Cadastral Mapping:

Concord Surveying Works has highly expertise team with multiple years of experience and learning. Cadastral mapping required skilled and expertise technology and map power to develop and procedures and also many conflicts which may affect it. To resolve this concord surveying works develop research and investigation methods.

Hydrographic Surveys:

Concord Surveying works has an excellent skilled team consists of hydrographers, engineers, geophysicists, CAD, IT experts and qualified support staff to execute hydrographic services and solutions for government. We are supporting hydrographic surveys and data collection, analysis and database management. Concord Surveying works has capabilities to execute, deliver a quality product, on time, and within estimated budget.

Aerial Surveys:

Concord Surveying Works has capacity to undertake Aerial Surveys using high resolution imagery and LiDAR technologies. We equipped with the large format digital mapping camera and FARO airborne LiDAR sensor, with end-to-end services in Terrestrial solutions using aerial technologies and topographic mapping.

We are offering the qualitative and comprehensive solutions in aerial surveys and receiving excellent feedback from our clients. With expertise team we can capable to planning, acquisition of images and processing, ortho-rectification of satellite images, map scanning, and collection of ground truths, and mapping.

Underground Utility Survey:

Concord Surveying Works has proven team to undertake the underground utility survey projects with the latest equipments and technology to support industry and government. Projects like pipeline and other utility projects and our team rely on the RD8000 device and other Radar penetrating waves and software.



Remote Sensing 

Photogrammetric Services:

Concord Surveying Works has established an outstanding reputation for supplying high quality and cost effective services. Using the latest available technology, Concord Surveying Works offer both data acquisition and production solutions. Our certified professionals have delivered a wide variety of projects, including specialized options for Land survey, transportation infrastructure, urban planning, terrain visualization and modeling, underground asset mapping, and large scale feature extraction.

  • Aerial Triangulation (AT)
  • Ortho-photography
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) AND Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Production
  • Land use and Land cover
  • 2D and 3D feature extraction
  • Topographic Mapping

GIS Services:

Concord Surveying Works offers a full line of GIS services and solutions, including aerial and satellite image mapping, data processing, and design. Concord Surveying Works assists clients by using design spatial models for land use, urban and regional planning, environmental management, transportation, water resources, agriculture, and soils mapping.

Concord Surveying Works experienced staff include professional cartographers, geographers, photogrammetrists, GIS analysts, CAD engineers, and RDBMS specialists. With our project experience, Concord has developing an reputation in high quality solutions, delivered on time and within budget. Concord Surveying Works has extensive experience with the following software packages: ESRI, Bentley, Autodesk, Leica, Inpho, DAT/EM, Adobe, ER Mapper and Global Mapper.



Man power Supply


Equipment & Man power Supply:

Concord Surveing works is not solutions & Services in Survey and Geo-spatial we supply our skilled  professional in diffrent feilds and equipment. Our certified team have gaining knowledge continuously in Geo servies.  

Other Services

Other Services: 

  • Building 3D scanning
  • Measured Building Surveying
  • Building Condition Survey
  • Interior components projection