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A topographic survey is made to secure data from which may be made a topographic map indicating the shape of the terrain and location of natural and human - made opjects ....



Cadastral survey is that branch of surveying which is concerned with the survey and demarcation of the land for purpose of defining parcels of land for registation in a land ...

Hydrographic Survey

Is the science of measurement and description of features which affect maritime vigation, marine construction, dredging, 

offshore oil exploration/drilling 

and related activities Strong ..​​​​​​​

Underground utility survey

Surveying of underground utilities such as burled pipes could be done using the RD8000 device and other Radar

penetrating waves.. Burled pipes and Surveying ....


One of the most common, versatile,and economical forms of remote sensing Is aerial photography.Historically most aerial photography has been firm based.......

GIS and Remote sensing

Geographic Information systems are computer based systems that can deal with virtually any  type of Information  about features that can be ....

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